When it comes to car rentals, there are many things that you might have heard out of which many are true while others are just myths. Below are 10 common myths surrounding car rentals that we would like to debunk.

You’ll pay the same price if you show up on your travelling date without a reservation.  Booking your rental car early is always advisable. This not only helps you save money but also guarantees that you have a car ready when you arrive. During peak seasons, prices will always be high especially if you are a walk-in car renter and chances of getting a car are always slim.

You will always be charged for damage. This is a very common myth. Customers always make calls with a story of how a friend of their friend’s friend was charged for damages after renting a car. This myth is also propagated by car rental reviews from many customers and it is easy to conclude that all damages will be charged. As a matter of fact, damages charged to clients are very rare and the percentage for this is very negligible.

There is no difference in rental companies. Many customers make the mistake of assuming that they will rent a car today under the same terms they were subjected to in 2008 when they rented a car in Dubai. Every rental company has its own T&Cs and although some might look similar, it is good to note the significant differences which might end up surprising you if you fail to read the T&Cs. Rental companies keep on changing as time goes by.

It’s okay to show up the following day if you have missed your flight. Car rental companies will give you an allowance of about 4 hours based on the time you’ve indicated during your reservation. If you have given your flight details to the company and a delay occurs, the common thing is that they will follow up to know what is happening. However, if the flight doesn’t show up and you arrive on a different flight, don’t presume that the rental car will still be waiting for you since it might be hired to someone else or returned back to the company fleet. 

Credit cards are not any different from debit cards All car rental companies offering services through our site normally ask for a credit card which cannot be substituted for a debit card. Credit cards help in pre-authorizing or blocking excess amounts during the car hire process and once the car is returned, the blocked amount is released back. The amount doesn’t reflect as a transaction and there is no transaction fee or interest rate thus making the card the best for blocking and unblocking such transactions. On the contrary, debit cards do not offer the blocking facility but instead money is taken out and must be refunded thus attracting foreign transaction or usual transaction fees together with exchange rate differences. A debit card can also be stressful to use since the refunds normally take up to 10 working days.

I’ll definitely get the car model I booked. Although you will be given a car of the same size as the one you booked, there is no guarantee that it will be the exact model. The number of doors and seating capacity will be the same but everything else might be different. This might not mean anything to you as a customer but indicates the car type and size you book. You never are given a promise as far as color, model or make of rental vehicle is concerned. However, you cannot be given something smaller than what you booked.

Companies use foreign language for rental agreements. Companies we feature normally have their contracts in English and you do not require any form of translation. Their representatives are also fluent in English and therefore easy to communicate with.